About Me!

Hey there! My name is Steffen Blake, and welcome to my landing page! I'm a software developer by day and ferret wrangler by night, and I love to tinker. You can check out any of the tiles below for some of my ongoing projects, or click on this one here for more details about who I am, as well as contact info if you'd like to get ahold of me!

My Blog
My Blog!

A simple blog for simple programming fun! Also might contain my personal opinions on random topics. Enjoy!

My writing space

A collection of my ongoing horro writing project. A bit of poetry, a smattering of stories, a general anthology of all manner of stories.

Content Warning: Adults only, reader discretion is advised.

My code repo
My Code Repository

My self hosted code repo, where I store all my latest open source projects. Runs on Gogs, a very solid lightweight Git Server!


An open licensed TTRPG I maintain. Lightweight and designed to be easily added on to any popular existing RPG, or, played as a standalone!

My Twitch
My Twitch Stream!

I live stream myself gaming and streaming every now and then, feel free to come check it out!

My Youtube
My Youtube channel!

Primarily gaming related videos, but a bit of this and a bit of that, enjoy!

My Patreon
My Patreon!

Interested in seeing more? Feel free to support me on Patreon for exclusive access to content!